Cross Stitch Challenges

Do you need a challenge to help motivate you with finishing your projects?

The challenges on this page (currently there’s one, but more will be added over time!) are aimed at helping you with working on your current projects and hopefully finish them!

AFL Stitching Challenge

The Australian Football League (AFL) Stitching Challenge is an annual challenge Hot Cross Stitching has developed around the AFL season. The season commences mid-March and finishing early to mid-September. The aim of the challenge is to use the final scores of each game to determine the number of stitches that go into projects you have selected.

The first document available for download will take you through the specifics of how the challenge can work and options for counting stitches and keeping time. The second document is a tracking sheet based upon the AFL fixture (aka schedule of when the games will be played). The information on the tracking sheet is from the official AFL website and has been adjusted to help you count your stitches or time spent on your projects.

The second tab for the tracking sheet provides you with prompts to help you with aligning with the teams based upon their team colours and mascots.