St Mary’s Church Ruins – Yarra, NSW

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This greyscale project has the design area of 20 inches by 12.76 inches, which equates to 1000 by 638 stitches on 50 count or 25 to 28 count fabric. This project has been designed to stitch the majority of the picture except for the sky, because of the minimal detail!

There are a lot of churches and cathedrals in Australia that are called St Mary, which is why I’ve needed to be specific about the location of this church! I’ve been eyeing off this church for many years whenever I’ve been travelling between Canberra and Sydney on the Hume Highway.

St Mary’s Anglican Church had been actively used well into the 20th Century until it was destroyed by a fire in the 1980’s. Some websites say that the site is maintained by residents in the local area and due to it’s proximity to the highway and residential farm land, I’m not sure if it’s now considered to be on private or public land.

I would love to be able to take a closer look – especially to the small number of headstones and pay my respects to them and gain a little more insight to who may have lived in the area!

It’s also important to note that I have no affiliation with any specific religion. I just have a fascination with old buildings and the history that is connected to them. If you check out the rest of the patterns
available on the Hot Cross Stitching website, you’ll start to see this trend emerging!


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