Stitching Enabler

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This pattern has been designed to be stitched two threads over two, when using 24 or 28 count fabric, using DMC threads. It has a design area of 3.45 inches by 1.64 inches and stitch area of 96 by 46.

This is a reasonably quick stitch pattern that will take an average of 2 days of full stitching or a week if you want to stretch it out.

This pattern is fully compatible with the android application Pattern Keeper, the only thing that won’t appear is the backstitch for the thread which is stitched using two threads of floss.

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This project is inspired by Flosstube and the amount of enabling we experience as viewers. I also wanted to pay homage to the LGBTQI and non-binary communities with the rainbow colours we see in the hearts and the spindles.

If you’ve enjoyed stitching this project, you may also want to consider the ‘Flosstube Made Me Do It’ project.

I hope you enjoy stitching this pattern as much as I have!


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