Flosstube Made Me Do It

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This pattern is inspired by Flosstube. I’ve been an avid fan of Flosstube many years and I’ve noticed a common theme amongst stitches and Flosstubers, to say that they have been enabled by other people they’ve watched. So I wanted to pay homage to that by creating this pattern.

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This pattern is a quick and easy, that can be completed in a day or over the weekend. I have designed in black, DMC thread so that you can stitch it as you see it on the pattern, or highlight a particular word like you see it in the cover image!

I was inspired by Flosstube and the many Flosstubers and fans who have said that they have been enabled by the people they watch. This pattern is homage to that and if you haven’t seen or heard of Flosstube before, go to YouTube and search for the term. You will be pleasantly surprised!


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